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How to make business human...

I have a natural aversion to 'advertising' and anything that has a hard sell to it, so I often struggle with knowing how to promote a business if I'm approached to make a video for them. It tends to always come down to the same thing - focus on the people, not the facade, and let them connect with whoever's watching. I once shot a promo that highlighted the deflating skills of a new device called 'Sgonfiotto', that was more about giving the product context rather than generating sales. I've also filmed for the World Monuments Fund on numerous occasions (if Moseley Road Baths aren't saved, I'll be gutted), and filmed tongue-in-cheek promos for Jupiter Engineering. I've also caught my Dad on camera supping on a strawberry milkshake for my Aunt's local cafe.
Whether you're a multi-million pound company Aunt's cafe, the aim is always the same - to find the human elements in what I film and put that at the front, letting the story tell itself without bashing the viewer over the head.
We have used Deep Cut Productions a number of times to film and edit our Electric Vehicle and Air Conditioning installations. The quality of the work Garry produces is of the highest standard. For each project he has taken on board our brief and created some amazing promotional material. Whether it's filming, editing or music production, we wouldn't hesitate to recommend Deep Cut Productions - David Hughes