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Putting the soul into a promo.

I have a natural aversion to 'advertising', as it tends to be about raiding peoples' wallets rather than doing them any good, but every now and then I get to shoot a promo that celebrates people and events rather than being vacuous and promising humanity's salvation for £25 a month. I remember seeing the first John Lewis penguin advert (the one where the boy plays with an animated penguin, which turns out to be his cuddly toy) and being genuinely moved by it, and it's that sort of connection to the foibles of being human that I'm drawn to. I also love leaving in mistakes that demonstrate peoples' imperfections (even though they fucking hate it), because it warms you to them and reminds us nobody's perfect, which often adverts are not meant to do - indeed, they're often trying to tell us that we'll reach perfection if only we'll invest in their product.

Anyway, rant over...I certainly haven't created a promo like the John Lewis christmas advert (although actually my own short 'Christmas' apparently looks like one), but the ones above hold a special place in my heart.

We have used Deep Cut a number of times to film and edit our Electric Vehicle and Air Conditioning installations. The quality of the work Garry produces is of the highest standard. For each project he has taken on board our brief and created some amazing promotional material - David Hughes, Jupiter Engineering
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