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Sharon Carty & Jonathan Ware - Ganymed

Sharon Carty & Jonathan Ware - Ganymed


I'd never filmed opera. I'd never been to Ireland. Boom. Sharon reached out, having seen some of the other classical performances I'd captured, and asked if I'd be interested. I'm always interested, and if it's the first time I've ever done something, I'm always terrified. How on earth do you record opera without killing the microphone or putting it in the wrong place? Luckily, with plenty of time to scope out the beautiful church where the performance was filmed, we managed to get the sound we were after between three different microphones. I was very pleased with both the look and sound of the finished pieces.

However, I forgot to have a Guinness the whole time I was in Ireland. But you know, I got that shot looking up at Sharon as she sings incredibly against the backdrop of the stained glass window, so I'm happy. Made me cry a bit.
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