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Save Olympic Wrestling!

So I have a confession to make. I didn't shoot this. I just put it together. Obviously it's a bit past its use-by date now, as the 2020 Olympics have been and gone, but I like the heart and fight behind it, which is what wrestling is all about. It's actually one of the very first videos I ever produced, and I was told using the Rocky music probably wasn't a good idea, because it was a bit clichéd. Sod that, I thought, if anything embodies and soundtracks a good fight in the face of adversity, it's hearing the Rocky theme. This was my shortcut to illustrating what the video was all about before I had any fancier tricks up my sleeve. I'd still do it now.

Fun fact: the opening to said Rocky track contains a 'cough' that is very audible within the first few seconds. Here, I've edited it out. I'm very proud of that. I don't know why the original master recording doesn't have it edited out, because I found it massively distracting when I was trying to open my heartfelt wrestling video with an awesome song nicked from a boxing film.
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