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World Monuments Fund 'Sea Change' Film

World Monuments Fund 'Sea Change' Film

Sea Change

I'd filmed for the World Monuments Fund a handful of times, and edited a couple of vids shot by their own people on the ground, but this was the first time I was commissioned to go on an adventure and film and produce something from one of their conferences. I like Blackpool. An ex girlfriend had shown me all the sites and taken me around a horror attraction when we were in drama school, so I knew what to expect from the famous town, but forgotten how windy it was. Which was quite apt, considering the conference was about climate change's impact on cultural heritage.

The brief was to get as many interviews as possible, so as to give the effect of many voices uniting towards one common goal. I remember parking near the Winter Gardens was an absolute bugger over the course of the two or three days I shot there, and had to move my car multiple times. But it was worth it - I had a great time at the conference and enjoyed myself immensely with a McDonald's in my hotel room every night.
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