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Into The Night

Into The Night

Into The Night [2019]

"Troubled by a lack of sleep and holed up in a solitary house in the countryside, a young man is led into the woods by a mysterious force that threatens to take him into a long, dark night of the soul."

One winter's day, about a year after I'd moved out of the big city and back to my childhood home, I ventured out into the woods I used to play in as a kid, and took a sizeable amount of my camera kit. I had no plan, other than I was thinking of shooting a horror film to see if I was any good at directing. The sequence I ended up shooting was when a young man arrives shortly before a bridge down a muddy lane in some eerie woods, and hears someone calling his name. This became the start of filming for 'Into The Night'.

Over the next six months (these things take a little longer when you're starting out with no crew), I somehow cobbled together a story and script whilst I kept shooting, and ended up with this 30 minute short. It's definitely not perfect, but as an exercise in cutting my teeth and telling a story, it did the job. More importantly, it gave me the confidence to carry on and keep doing more projects. As Spielberg says, you shouldn't dream your film, you should make it!
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