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"If music be the food of love..."

I've always had a bit of an affinity with music, and pride myself on filming a piece that hopefully compliments rather than detracts from a performance. I've sometimes scored some of my own film and videos (being a little bit of a music production hobbyist), which in turn has lent itself to appreciating the effect a good score can have.

I have a genuine and eclectic passion right across the board - I've always been into pop and dance music (Norman Cook and Stevie Wonder count among my obsessions over the years), but also have a good ear for classical and orchestral music after a lifetime of watching film. So I like to think I have a broad range of taste and appreciation when it comes to music.
I also have a strange phobia to dubbing, whether it's someone's singing or a completely pre-recorded backing track that's mimed to. It's the equivalent to me of musical ADR - there's something about capturing a performance live that is unbeatable as an immersive and raw experience, so of course I've gotten on my high horse about it and vowed never to film scenes musically unless it's done live, which all the videos above (bar the music vid) were.

"His storytelling is excellent, his images wonderful, the finished product is astonishing" - Nadège Rochat, cellist
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