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"If music be the food of love..."

I've always had a bit of an affinity with music, and when I first started filming for other people, one of the first projects I did was with Nadège Rochat, who was doing some important recording with the BBC Concert Orchestra and wanted someone to document it. At this point I didn't have any formal filmmaking under my belt, but managed to get myself hired and produced a vid I'm very proud of ("Psalm", above).

What I learned from that project was that if you love something, you are naturally informed to capture it better. I technically knew nothing about shot placements but instead chose to focus the camera on what was interesting to me, and likewise in the edit focus on the parts of the interviews that I found interesting and told the story of the project. With "Sonatine", there were no 'talking heads' interviews to help break up the edit, instead Anna just did multiple takes of the entire piece while I captured it from different angles.
Those two videos were the earliest musical performances I captured, and honestly required little planning on my part - I just went in and put the camera where it seemed most appropriate and tried not to mess up the edit, because obviously those performances speak for themselves.

"His storytelling is excellent, his images wonderful, the finished product is astonishing" - Nadège Rochat, cellist
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