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Nadège Rochat & The BBC Concert Orchestra - 'Psalm' by Ina Boyle

Nadège Rochat & The BBC Concert Orchestra - 'Psalm' by Ina Boyle


So I'd just taken out a huge loan and gotten the bare bones of my camera setup. There I was sat in my rented house in London, searching frantically for my first proper gig to film. I was searching through this awful website that promised customers the likes of a complete script-to-film shoot for the likes of £5, when I spotted an advert from a cellist looking for a 'filmmaker' to document a performance she was going to do with the BBC Concert Orchestra at the famous Watford Colosseum - a venue renowned for recording soundtracks for the likes of Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, etc.

I duly agreed to film the performance for a ridiculously low price, and do some interviews at the same time, and this was the result. Without my knowing it, this was a big deal, and there I was turning up with a suitcase full of camera gear and microphones, ready to capture something quite important whilst making up what I was doing on the fly. Weirdly, it's probably the proudest video I've done with Nadège, even though we've now done four and I had way more prep time and knowledge when filming the others. There's something about diving in and letting your naive sensibilities guide you, and while other shoots I've been involved with have been technically smoother and less stressful, this one has a lot of heart behind it. It also features one of my favourite ever shots at 5:50 onwards, captured when I was tired of hauling the shoulder rig around and pretty much had everything I needed, but then decided to get one last shot of Nadège while I manned the camera from the tripod. She disappeared into the music and I was so glad I'd decided to keep filming, as I duly followed her.
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