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Nuovo Cinema Paradiso... 

When I was younger, my older brothers used to bring home the latest films on VHS, or record some greats off the telly, and in the darkness of the front room I'd receive an education in cinema. We won't mention that I somehow saw A Nightmare On Elm Street way before I was 18. I truly believe that a well told story makes someone's day better, and in the very best of circumstances can do even more than that.

Storytelling is the lifeblood of my work - it's literally the only thing I know how to do properly. If a piece isn't connecting with me in some way then I know it isn't going to connect with the viewer either. There has to be that kick for me, which translates into good filming, good editing, and good viewing.

My first short film was shot in the backwoods of my childhood home, and my current baby is a feature film that centres around two lost souls looking to heal the scars of their respective pasts - I tend to describe it as a fairytale set in reality, where 'Lost In Translation' meets 'It's A Wonderful Life'. The three short films above labelled 'Bella & Monica' introduce you to the characters and their worlds.
"I cannot recommend Garry highly enough...he helped me take a bloated idea and transform it into a story that made sense. On top of this significant skillset, and perhaps most importantly, he possesses an excess of patience and is an incredibly kind and pleasant person to work with." - Deirdre Dolan, writer
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