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Bella & Monica Film 2 - "Journeying"

Bella & Monica Film 2 - "Journeying"

Journeying [2021]

A Bella & Monica short film.
"A tremendously winning film which subverts the stereotype of the angry male loner by having its protagonist – a handyman with his face painted like Heath Ledger’s Joker – actually just be really nice; it’s an exploration of male mental health and an ode to perseverance which turns what could be Hallmark card platitudes into something funny, true and ultimately moving." - York Mix @ Aesthetica Short Film Festival, Nov 2022

Part 2 of a short film trilogy I'm making to try and raise funds for a full feature (Parts 1 and 3 can be found here and here, or the trilogy as a whole here), 'Journeying' tells the story of Bella, a young man a little lost in life who's just trying to find some meaning and perhaps someone to share it with. Here, Bella sets himself a challenge that may start him on his journey.

I'm wary of telling people that I've shot these films on my own and without a crew - this is never the plan going forwards, but until a producer hands me some cash I'm forced to do what I can to get these things made. However, I'm very proud of the quality of the film and excited about having more people onboard to help enrich and better the story. This was filmed over the course of September and October 2021, whenever I had days off from my delivery driver job during the pandemic. I'm very grateful to my Mum for letting me take over her house while I chipped away at filming, and even more grateful to her neighbours for not reporting me to the police every time they saw me acting out scenes in clown makeup.
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