A Bella & Monica short film.
So. I used to work in a scare maze on London's South Bank. This is one of many rites of passage for any struggling actor. In it, we were given free reign to come up with pretty much whatever characters we wanted, to serve a story that more often than not we made up ourselves. Pretty much the whole time, we had fun scaring the crap out of poor foreign visitors who couldn't understand what the hell we were doing, or why I was playing a very strange character that looked not unlike Heath Ledger's joker, but acted nothing like him and certainly didn't sound sound anything like him.

This is where Bella was born. I'm not going to try and describe him much further, because to do so would undermine what he is, and what he's about, and what he's trying to say. Needless to say, he is not anything like Heath Ledger's joker, except in terms of a slight visual similarity - which you'll have to trust will get explained in due course. There is a whole film ready to be shot from a script I've written, that I'm very proud of, and one of my very best friends plays the character of Monica, who is vital to the telling of the story and practically inseparable from who Bella is. 'Bella & Monica' is currently my baby, and it's this that all my other projects are working towards. This is part 1 of a small collection of shorts I'm shooting to raise funds for the full feature, and part 2 can be found here. The film can also be downloaded here for playback elsewhere.