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Anna Szałucka - Ravel's 'Sonatine'

Anna Szałucka - Ravel's 'Sonatine'


I'd already filmed a very talented cellist named Nadège Rochat at the Watford Colosseum (viewable here), and she'd asked me to come film her at the Royal Academy of Music, where she also taught. Anna was also there for the evening, and asked if I could film her performing 'Sonatine', too - what followed was one of the proudest musical performances I've captured.

I remember filming it at the time and thinking "I really like this piece, but I can't really listen to it properly because I'm too busy winging my camera moves" - but then when I was watching it back and editing it together, the piece really really grew on me, and needless to say the performance is phenomenal.

I'm not sure if a lifetime of watching film has tuned me in to classical music a little bit more, but I very much enjoy having a piece suck me in and then translating what's captured into an edit that compliments - rather than distracts from - the performance. It sounds awful but there are moments in this where I'm like "how did I capture that?", whilst forgetting that it was the performer and performance itself that tends to pull you in and dictate how you capture it.
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